Driven Sports Splyce Review – Intra Workout

Hey guys, this is the admins personal review of driven sports new splyce intra workout supplement. DS as you know went through a rough patch with the disbanding of craze; one of the most popular pre workouts in 2013. But the past is in the past, and now DS is releasing new supplements most notably including the pre workout frenzy (not available in US) and intra workout supplement Splyce which we’re going to talk about here.

DS Splyce ReviewHow I feel about Intra Workout Supplements

I have mixed feelings when it comes to intra workout supplements. I really believe that unless you are getting a quality product, your money is being thrown away. For intra workout, I really don’t care about how it makes me feel or how it tastes. I’m not looking for carbs or raw protein (I can get that else ware for cheaper). When I look at an intra-workout supplement, I care 100% about how it’s going to help me build more muscle. That means I want amino acids, preferably high in leucine and of good source quality. This is backed by research concluding that amino acid supplementation both reduced muscle catabolism and significantly increased muscle anabolism.

My Experience with Splyce

Before receiving splyce, I had not been taking an intra workout amino acid supplement for quite some time (budgeting). I was definitely looking forward to it, but I wasn’t overhyping the situation. I knew adding in AAs would help, just wasn’t sure how much.

I started taking splyce approx. 30 minutes before finishing my workout in one quick effort using around 250 milliliters of water. I just put it into my water bottle and shake it up, no need for a blender bottle. It gets a little fizzy but that’s just due to the amino acid profile. If you ever get an AA mix that isn’t fizzy, beware! After finishing my lift, I continued business as usual by drinking around 35 grams of whey protein and then eating a big meal upon getting home. My normal post workout routine.

What I noticed with Splyce

While taking splyce, I didn’t really notice increased energy or endurance; but I did notice what I wanted – muscle growth. A few hours after my lift, I just felt more solid than normal. It’s hard to explain, but you just know when your muscle synthesis is way up; and mine was. It’s important to note that during my time taking splyce, I was also taking test7 PCT (which you can see on the best test boosters list). Despite this (my already elevated levels) – I still noticed additional muscle growth from splyce. In fact, I think that it took my current supplementation to whole new level and potentiated all aspects.

Would I recommend this intra workout?

Yes, I definitely would. This intra workout packs 10 grams of high quality amino acids that I can vouch for. The taste is good (I had fruit punch), if that matters to you. The price isn’t too bad. Overall it’s a solid AA supplement and I’m pretty confident that you are better off with it than without it. You can view Splyce along with our other top amino acid supplements on the best intra workout supplements list.

What other guys are saying about Driven Sports Splyce intra workout supplement

Here are some videos off of YouTube featuring some reviews of Splyce. On YouTube there’s often a lot of crap, but I sorted through it for you to find decent material.

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Hit us up below if you have any questions or comments. Again, had a great experience with Driven Sports new intra workout supplement.