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Many athletes and bodybuilders get pretty territorial in representing DS Craze preworkout supplement. I’ve heard quite a few guys in the gym who love the stuff, and I’ve seen a lot online pleading that DS craze is heaven sent.

But something that every athlete and bodybuilder should know is this- the majority of online content is placed by reps for the specific brands being discussed.

For instance, check out body space on, you cant get through a thread without coming across an obvious sales rep. But anyways, back to the topic, DS Craze.

Alternative To DS Craze – Similar Pre WorkoutD-Stunner Pre Workout Craze Alternative

Due to recent revelations, DS Craze can no longer be purchased anywhere. This has left a great deal of Craze users high and dry in regards to a pre workout. That’s where we come in. We had to respond fast, so we may have a better alternative to craze in the future, but for now- D-Stunner is the most similar pre workout supplement to DS craze. You can find all the specs on Betancourt’s D-Stunner via the image link.




The Admins Personal Review of DS Craze

I’ve taken this product 4 times personally and experienced the same effects as described by close associates undergoing this review. First off, taking DS Craze did not hit like a hammer, releasing concealed energy, rage, and power. Instead, it was a steady and light boost. Stimulant effects really were not present, however I did notice some endurance improvements.

Overall, this product really isn’t for me personally. There simply isn’t enough power with it. Granted, that’s what a good portion of people are looking for, just a little extra nudge that wont make them become a beast.

Update 9/8/2013- DS Craze has been pulled from many stores shelves due to trace amounts of amphetamines being detected in DS Craze pre workout supplement. We do not expect this ban to be permanent. After all, we have experienced a lack of stimulants in this product; not amphetamine based power.

In Conclusion, we believe this product would be a good match for a few categories of people: first, someone new to preworkout supplements, second, someone who lifts before bed, and third, someone who just cant handle strong stimulants/on the bridge of looking at caffeine free pre workout supplements.

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